Where Do Parents Want Their Kids to Study?

chartoftheday 10137 top destinations for parents sending their child abroad for studies nEvery year, millions of students around the globe leave their home countries to study in universities abroad. Many of them are financially assisted by their parents and HSBC has surveyed 8,481 parents across 15 countries to find out where they would like to send their child for studies abroad.

According to the report, 47% of parents surveyed want their child to study in the U.S. which is the preferred destination for parents in Taiwan (70%), China (61%) and Canada (61%). Australia is another top spot, 40% of parents, predominantly living in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore, consider Australian universities most suitable for their offspring. For 39% of parents, mostly from Hong Kong (67%), France (52%) and the UAE (48%), the U.K. is the best choice when it comes to international study experience.

Among the most favoured subjects comes medicine with 13% of parents wanting their child to study it abroad while 11% rather tend to go for management and finance. Another 10% prefer engineering instead.

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