Students in UAE share challenges of university life

1473196103Dubai: University life is tougher than you think.

Juggling an academic and a social life while challenging is the least of students’ concerns because there are many more issues awaiting new graduates.

Facing a litany of unknowns following university is a stressful time for many students.

Saif Al Deen Faisal, 21, who studies business at the University of Wollongong in Dubai, said he fears he won’t be competent to join the workforce because his university focuses more on theoretical education rather than practical education.

“I am not being taught anything practical. I find that a lot of majors are missing key subjects. For example, as a senior business major I did not learn anything about contract writing or handling certain people and issues at work,” said Faisal.

The senior student also finds maintaining a healthy lifestyle when surrounded with a lot of unhealthy options on campus another big challenge.

“There are hardly any healthy food options and if there are any they are super expensive. This might not be a problem in the first year of university since you are still young but it starts getting to you as you get older,” he said.

When it comes to the quality of education in universities, Mariam Yousuf, 20, a junior student who studies graphic design in the American University in Dubai, shared some of her concerns.

“We have great professors but, in some cases, some professors are asked to teach subjects that they are not specialised in. When that happens I feel that I am wasting my money and time and I am not gaining the knowledge in the right way.”

Mariam also said students at her university care too much about their appearance, which can be stressful to live up to as well.

If parents’ expectations are not bad enough, civil engineer student Ghalya Jameel Al Deen, 20, who also studies at the American University in Dubai, said professors’ high expectations are stressful as well.

“What is stressful is that professors give a lot of workload, expecting that their course is only a course we students are taking. This makes it harder to juggle my social and academic life; even making time for my parents is challenging.”

Ghalya, who is set to graduate in two weeks, said she has some fears about entering the workplace despite having done a lot of practical work in university.

“I am just not sure of the work field’s needs. I believe that we should have taken more internship. Even if it they are not given in a form of a course, in the USA, students are encouraged to take internships every summer,” she said.

Another senior student, Mohammad Bassem, 24, who studies computer systems at Heriot Watt Dubai, said the cost of his graduation ceremony is burdening him.

“To attend my graduation I have to pay a Dh600 entrance fee. If I choose to not attend the graduation I still have to pay Dh300. If I want to get my parents and siblings I have to pay Dh200 for each and to buy the gown and cap I have to pay Dh300. If I choose to rent it I will get Dh100 back.”

The senior, who is graduating soon, said the cost of attending his graduation ceremony is too high.

Article Source: Dulf News

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