Algeria Bans Make-up, Niqab, Ripped jeans at Universities

algeria jeansAlgerian universities have imposed new regulations concerning students’ dress codes at the beginning of the academic year, which students must respect inside the campus.

Wearing make-up, short clothes, and “ripped trousers” and holding mobile phones were on top of the list of the prohibited things in the regulations that the Algerian universities have set.

In this context, Al-Nahar Algerian newspaper claimed that a number of Algerian heads of universities have issued strict internal laws imposing a set of conditions and regulations on students, that are mostly related to external appearance, aiming to put an end to misconduct, and maintaining the Algerian University’s identity, in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Higher Education.

In early September, Algeria’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued a decree in which it instructed university deans to oblige all students to respect modest and decent clothes inside the campus starting from the new academic year, but did not specify the nature of the required clothing.

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