Algeria to host international conference on criminalization of colonialism, announces Zitouni

ALGIERS-Minister of Mujahideen Tayeb Zitouni announced Monday in Algiers that an international conference on the criminalization of colonialism and the sufferings inflicted to the Algerian people during the colonial period will be held in May.

The international conference will coincide with the 70th anniversary of the massacres of 8 May 1945 "will be an opportunity to demonstrate to the world the atrocities committed by French colonialism in Algeria," stressed Zitouni on the national radio.

In this regard, he announced the "installation of a commission of preparations for the meeting in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Centre for Studies and Research on National Movement and the Rrevolution of 1 November."

"Authentic Records from the colonial era are in Algeria and, therefore, France cannot deny all the atrocities against Algerians during the colonial period and it cannot deny the death of 40,000 Algerians following the 17 nuclear tests conducted the Sahara and the destruction of 8,000 villages part of Challe and Morice plans," he argued.

He said the Archives of the revolution handed over by France and "regarded as a good and a right of Algeria, do not exceed 2%," adding that France was not "ready" to return the archives.

Regarding the doubts raised by politicians about the revolutionary course of some symbols of the revolution, the Minister of Mojahedin described this attitude as "undermining the revolution," stating that it was "immoral to accuse these symbols of treason."

He further recalled that history writing was within "the mission of honest historians and writers."

Source: Algeria Press Service

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