PM cancels unpopular move to exempt certain students from university zoning

ibrahim mahlabEgypt's prime minister Ibrahim Mahleb has ordered education minister El Sayed Abdel Khalek to cancel a move by the Supreme Council of Universities to exempt children of judges, police officers and army officers from having their university admission restricted according to their address as is standard.

“Mahlab said there are no exceptions in zoning of students in Egyptian universities," Mahlab’s media advisor Hany Youssef was quoted as saying on Egyptian TV program Albeit Beitak. The media advisor himself was not on air.

The exemption decision sparked controversy among students and professors alike since its announcement last Wednesday.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights also expressed its concern about the decision last week, saying, “This is a violation of the Egyptian constitution which discriminates between Egyptians," referring to the constitution's articles enshrining equality for all Egyptian citizens.

Abdel Khalek told the independent Al-Shorouk newspaper last Wednesday that the decision was based on the parents holding "nationally sensitive jobs" and their need to focus on their work and not be distracted.

According to Egyptian law high school graduates who wish to apply to a public university are limited to universities in their geographical zone, especially if their Thanaweya Amma (high school) grades are low.

Article Source : Amwal Al Ghad

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