Increased Cost of Education Upsets Egyptian Parents

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market egyBy Shounaz Mekky for Arab News

Parents across Egypt are up in arms over increased tuition fees and a rise in the cost of school supplies, as children prepare to return to the classroom after their summer break.

Parents interviewed by Arab News argued that the increased cost of school items, uniforms, transport and fees had got to the point where they were now feeling “exploited,” claiming the cost of everything had doubled.

“I transferred my son from his school after they had increased their tuition and transportation fees this year,” parent Dina El-Sheribini said.
Nada Ahmad complained about her child’s transportation fees.

“In addition to the annual tuition fee increase, my son’s bus payment witnessed a 50 percent increase this year,” she said.

Regarding the prices of school items, El-Sherbini said: “The cost of school bags has doubled compared to last year.”

Ahmad added: “I’ve seen bags that at least would cost from 200 ($11) to 1,000 Egyptian pounds.”

Hanan, who has two sons, said that the cheapest school bags cost 200 Egyptian pounds “despite their poor quality.”

“When it comes to stationery, the cost is much higher compared to last year,” she added.

Ahmad said: “It’s this time of the year when parents feel most exploited. They have to cope with an increase in everything, not only school supplies and school installments, but also the prices of goods increase during this time.”

Egyptian TV show host Amr Adib explained how bad it must be for parents with low incomes by showcasing school items at their lowest prices on his show. The host concluded that a family with a low income would have to pay around 800 Egyptian pounds per child to buy everything they need for school.

It was reported on social media recently that angry parents stormed the campus of a high-end German private school in New Cairo due to an increase in fees.

To add to the feeling of discontent, an Egyptian actress posted a video on social media in which she was ranting to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi over the hike in prices of private schools.

In May, the Education Ministry announced that international school fees will increase 14 percent for the 2017-2018 school year and then another 7 percent per year.

Egyptian students enjoy reduction in tuition fees in UK colleges

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mortar webBy Arabia Higher Ed Staff

Egypt signed an agreement with Imperial College London on Saturday to reduce the tuition fees of engineering faculty for Egyptian students by 50 percent, MENA news agency reported.

The Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on Saturday signed an agreement with Imperial College London to reduce the tuition fees of engineering faculty for Egyptian students by 50 percent.

Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar reviewed a report submitted by his First Assistant for cultural relations and missions Hossam el Mallahy on the activities of the cultural office in London.

A deal with University College London (UCL) has been renewed to cut down tuition fees for Egyptian students by 25 percent, according to the report.

Another agreement with University of Aberdeen to reduce fees for Egyptian students by 10 percent will continue, the report stated.

The minister, meanwhile, reviewed ongoing efforts by Egypt's cultural office in London in the fields of activating cooperation between Egyptian and British universities and promoting Egypt's educational institutions.

Egypt’s investments in education and health reach EGP 25bn in FY 2017/18

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11The Public Investment Plan of fiscal year (FY) 2017/18, initiated by the Ministry of Planning, indicates that government investments in education and health amount to EGP 24.38bn, according to a ministry press statement on Thursday.

The statement said that the package of human and social development programmes includes the allocation of EGP 7.24bn for the development of pre-university education funded by the state treasury by 91%. Meanwhile, the value of investments targeted to the development of higher education, including missions, amounted to EGP 7.91bn, funded by the state treasury by 56%.

The statement noted that the targeted government investments for the programmes of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research reached EGP1.66bn, and the state treasury will provide funds by 86%.

Furthermore, the volume of targeted investments in health care programs at the Ministry of Health is estimated at EGP 7.57bn, of which 80% is funded by the state treasury.

Egypt’s Higher Education Ministry Closes Seven Fake Colleges

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6803822651488907260The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, warned high school students on Friday about scams from fallacious educational institutions.

He pointed out that a judicial control committee from the ministry succeeded in tracking down 7 of these entities that falsely claimed they give academic certificates in a number of science branches, having not received a proper license from the ministry.

The minister issued mandates to close some of them down administratively, as well as contacting some of the governors of governorates the institutions were located in to help close others.

He also called for an announcement to inform students about these fake entities, and the need to review the ministry’s website for the official lists of institutes and colleges approved by the ministry.

The Head of the Education Sector with the ministry Al-Sayyed Atta said that fake entities didn’t obtain a license from the Ministry of Higher Education, and high school students must not deal with any educational entity except through the coordination and website of the Ministry of Higher Education.

He added that the now closed fake institutions used to grant certifications in nursing, computer science, tourism, hospitality and languages.

Egyptian Education Ministry Backtracks on Decision to Remove Mention of 2011 Uprising From Curricula

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6803822651488907260The Education Ministry has reconsidered the newly-developed high school history curriculum in which information about the January 25 and June 30 revolutions are omitted (See related story here).

Consequently, information about the January 25 and June 30 revolutions will remain in high school books, according to head of the Ministry’s Public Education Sector Reda Hegazy.

High school students will study the same history curriculum provided last year, which was initially created in the 1980s and has been updated several times in recent years.

The decision of the Ministry of Education to delete the January 25 and June 30 revolutions from history books caused great controversy within the ministry, as some considered it politicization of curricula.

Gamal Shakra, a member of the Committee on the Modification of the History Curriculum, said that the new book, currently suspended, includes information about the First and Second World Wars, colonialism in Africa & Asia and Zionism. As for Egyptian history, the book covers the October 1973 war with Israel.

Shakra cited the lack of historical documents and testimonies by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, the Cabinet, and other state authorities as the reason behind the Committee’s decision to omit information about the two recent revolutions.

Mohamed Afifi, a professor of history at Cairo University, said that the decision was a big mistake, as the two revolutions represent the legitimacy of the current ruling regime.

“The elimination of the two revolutions from the curriculum is an unrealistic idea and one that follows unacceptable logic,” he added.

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