Online test is a must for higher studies

file 13 Saudi volunteers monitors compuRIYADH: Saudis as well as foreigners studying in high schools in the Kingdom will have to take an assessment test if they want to continue their higher studies in the Kingdom.

The test can be taken online, without any fixed place or timing, an official of the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (NCA) or “Qiyas” has said.
The nationwide test, conducted by the NCA, seeks to scientifically measure and evaluate knowledge, skills and aptitude of students with an aim to achieve fairness, maintain quality and satisfy development needs.
Recently, the NCA announced the start of online registration for the “test paper” in the general ability test for high school students at various public schools.
According to the head of the Media and Public Relations, Ibrahim Al-Rasheed, registration for boys is available until Oct.18 and for girl between Sept. 13 and Oct. 18 this year.
Al-Rasheed said the center offers tests through computers, which is characterized by distinctive technology service that can be taken at any time throughout the year, instead of the time limitation currently in place.
“This to make the process more flexible and reduce stress and time, in addition to quality through the use of encrypted electronic systems,” he said.
The official said that the test results also come out immediately while the current registration process online remains the same. “The center offers all support services to students through various means of communication. It also answers queries and receives feedback through its call center.”
The measurement involves evaluating things in quantitative terms and in a graded manner based on the well-known rule that everything exists in quantities and every quantity is measurable.

Article Source : Arab News

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