KFUPM and Georgia Tech Institute discuss facilitating the process of drilling for oil and gas

The Center for Energy and Geophysical operations at KFUPM organized, on Sunday, 19 October 2014, a workshop on seismic data processing in collaboration with the Institute of Georgia Tech in order to exchange experiences and scientific research and the identification of the most important developments in the field of seismic data.
The workshop was attended by the Vice President for Studies and Applied Research Dr. Sahel Al-Jawad and Deans and heads of academic departments and a large number of specialists in the field.

Dr. Jawad talked about the importance of research related to the field of processing seismic data and said that it facilitates the process of drilling for oil and gas through the use of advanced methods based on the capture of seismic data, and added that the University is looking forward to the development of cooperation and educational opportunities to be employed in seismic exploration and geophysical applications.

Dr. Ali Al-Shaikhi, head of the Electrical Engineering Department and director of the Center, said that the Center is the most important result of the scientific cooperation between the Department of Electrical Engineering at KFUPM and the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech Institute of Technology, and signal processing and seismic data in addition to signal processing applications of modern data related to energy comes at the forefront of this cooperation, and pointed out that the Center focuses on educational projects that lead to the exchange of experiences in teaching and different learning styles, including curriculum development, planning tracks, and teaching effectiveness. The Center confirms the scientific leadership of King Fahd University as being the most important center for seismic data processing and its applications, he added.
It is worth mentioning that the Center organizes workshop twice a year in the city of Dhahran and the city of Atlanta in USA to increase cooperation between the Center and the major industrial companies specialized in the field of oil and gas.

Article Source: http://www.kfupm.edu.sa

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