Saudi Arabia to establish three new universities

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King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has ordered the establishment of three universities in the north-eastern city of Hafar al-Batin, the south-western town of Bisha, and the city of Jeddah, the head of the Royal Court said on Wednesday.

The king approved the merger of two branches of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and the University of Dammam in Hafar al-Batin and surrounding provinces, into a single independent university named Hafar al-Batin University, said Khaled al-Ankari, minister of higher education.

Hafar al-Batin University will include 12 schools from surrounding towns and villages.

The king also approved the transformation of the branch of King Khaled University in Bisha and surrounding provinces into an independent university called Bisha University, Ankari said.

Bisha University will include 13 schools from Bisha and surrounding provinces, he added.

The branch of King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah will become an independent university named Jeddah University, and will include 18 schools and institutes from northern Jeddah and surrounding provinces.

A joint committee of the ministries of finance, civil service and higher education will be formed to oversee the establishment of the universities, and the transfer of employees and properties, said Ankari.

With this announcement, there will be 28 public universities in Saudi Arabia, he added.


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